"Hands down, you couldn't ask for a better loader. Smooth and stable."

-Josh Breazeale, J&D Timber

“I bought this machine because I trust Puckett and their ability to continue to do great work.”

– Lance Smith, Lance Smith Logging

“I couldn’t be more pleased with Puckett. The service means a lot to me. You can’t find service like this anywhere else.”

– Adam Sterling Logging LLC

“Try it for yourself. We tried it against a John Deere and it out pulled the John Deere. John Deere failed to pull the same load as the Weiler skidder, I saw it with my own eyes.”

– Stuart Timber

Brian Smith Logging – B670

“I like the comfort and visibility. It’s easy to work on and maintain. It rides really good. It runs really good with these tires on rough terrain.”

– Brian Smith Logging