Weiler isn’t new to Puckett Machinery, but we know that the company may be less familiar to the logging community. We thought you’d be interested in knowing a little about Weiler Forestry, our experience with them, and our excitement as we look towards the future in the woods with you.

At Puckett Machinery, we’ve had a long-standing relationship with Weiler, having sold and supported their quality paving products for over 10 years now. They’ve been great partners to work with and we are thrilled to be now selling Weiler forestry products. These tough new Weiler forestry machines plus our Cat forestry machines give us the broadest line of hard-working forestry equipment on the market. Whether you’re in the woods or a millyard, these machines are tough to beat.

Pat Weiler

Pat Weiler founded Weiler, Inc. in Knoxville, Iowa over 20 years ago, establishing the business as a cutting-edge manufacturer with proven products in the asphalt paving business. Pat, an agricultural engineer with 40 years of experience, learned early on that listening to his customers is the best way to drive innovation. Weiler works closely with contractors to ensure Weiler products provide the features they require to complete projects in a timely and efficient manner.

In 2006, Bill Hood joined Weiler as Vice President. Bill directs the company’s sales and marketing efforts while being heavily involved in new product development.

Weiler Forestry was formed in 2019 to enable the purchase of the purpose-built forestry line and Forest Products manufacturing facilities from Caterpillar. The same philosophy regarding the customer focus and product development that drives Weiler’s paving division is also at the core of Weiler Forestry. Headquartered in LaGrange, GA, Weiler forestry equipment is sold exclusively through Cat dealers in North America.

Pat Weiler speaking at an event
Image from Weiler and Cat signing

The forest industry was a natural progression for Weiler. Because of Pat’s close relationship with Caterpillar, Caterpillar Forest Products started the conversation of perhaps manufacturing a couple forestry models, to ease the small volume/niche product requirements that the purpose-built forestry business requires. The scope of this discussion eventually turned into the purchase of the business and the facilities from Caterpillar. The smaller volume of the in-woods forestry and millyard business segments fits perfectly into the Weiler business model of satisfying unique application requirements that require innovation and a quick response to customer needs.

Weiler Forestry is now a significant part of Weiler’s overall business with over 200 employees worldwide and with Cat dealers selling and supporting machines. The profile of the forestry customers fits closely with Weiler’s own profile of a family business that likes to keep things simple and efficient.

Weiler Forestry is currently manufacturing 2 models of wheel feller bunchers, 2 models of track feller bunchers, 2 models of track harvesters, 4 models of wheel skidders, 2 models of knuckleboom loaders, 3 models of stationary mount loaders, a mulcher, and numerous felling, delimbing, and log loading attachments. The forestry product offering will continue to grow and expand.